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enSkate consists of “en” and “Skate”, “e” represents electronic, intelligent, network; “en” means engine and enjoy, which make people enjoy the electronic skateboard. 

Company mission:

enSkate focus on the "Smart Skate”, devoting to combine traditional skateboard sports in line with science and technology, extend the practicability of skateboard culture.

Fiboard is the first electronic skateboard of enSkate. Fiboard made of carbon fiber and was equipped with LCD indicating screen and PU wheel with tread. This product won 5 patents for utility models, 1 patent for appearance, 1 patent for invention, and was honored Reddot award in 2018. 

The second generation is Woboard, which continues the styling of Fiboard and adopted cost-effective maple board. The next generation Woboard S series adds intelligent modules and is coupled with app to help people see their own glide parameters; Even the higher-order version is used to assist skateboarding sports training.

In the future, enSkate will be dedicated to explore the diverse application area of electronic skateboard, realize "floating on water" and “surfing on road”.

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