Updates to the Woboard Series

  • 2019-07-25
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 Updates to Woboard Series

It’s been 3 years since we founded enSkate, and this year we are continuing to refine and develop our products in pursuit of becoming the industry standard for e-skateboards. The global e-skateboard community is rapidly growing, and with more riders and more experience on boards, e-skateboarders are coming to an evermore refined idea of what they want from enSkate skateboards. We care deeply about the enSkate community, and always take feedback on our products back to our engineers and designers. We want to produce skateboards for skateboarders.

With this mantra, our engineers have redesigned the best-selling Woboard to produce a product built and ridden by true e-skateboarders. The new Woboard upgrades are all about making the experience of e-skateboarding more intuitive, and more responsive.
New Braking System
The braking power on the original Woboard gained us some excellent feedback. When you’re riding at 20mph and the lights turn against you, you could be certain that the Woboard would be able to stop effectively, and with confidence. However, some riders found the braking power to be excessive for some situations, so rather than sacrifice the full braking power, our engineers have made several improvements to the design.
To the original hub braking system, our engineers have integrated a crawler motor, and a new enSkate app has been developed where you can optimise both the braking and throttle response strength to your personal preferences. The additional crawler drive and app creates a more linear brake delivery system, producing a more symbiotic user experience - we want our boards to feel like an extension of the rider, and the Woboards brake design upgrades give extra confidence needed to push the boundaries of your skating.
Eliminating the Fixed Speed Cruising Feature
Sometimes, when thinking about usability, design needs to be as simple as possible to improve the functionality. We were the first e-skateboard company to create a Fixed Speed Cruising system. Our riders didn’t like the feature on the Woboard, so we simply removed it. Much like the improvements made to the braking system, eliminating the Fixed Speed Cruising feature has made the Woboard a more stripped down, rider-focused board.
There are however possibilities of using our Fixed Speed Cruising feature on a cruiser-style board in future. For some riders in who live in areas like California, smooth-straight long roads and pathways mean there’s often no need to have your thumb on the remote sensor all the time, so we’ll reconsider the feature on a more suitable product down the line.



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