Frequently Asked Questions

In this sections we will try to asnwer the most frequent questions

    If your skateboard is not running properly, stop using it immediately. In most cases, turning the skateboard off for ten seconds and restarting it will solve the issue. If you find other problems, or restarting the skateboard doesn’t resolve the issue, refer to the following chart for common troubleshooting methods. If the problem still exists, please stop using the skateboard and contact enSkate

    The Maximum range distances are provided in the Technical Specifications section in user manual. The range of your skateboard is affected by many variables, including:
    Terrain: Riding on smooth, flat terrain improves range, and riding on hilly terrain and unpaved surfaces reduces range.
    Speed and Riding Style: Riding at a consistent, moderate speed will increase range. Excessive starting, stopping, acceleration, and deceleration reduces range.
    Rider Weight and Cargo: Lighter riders with less cargo experience better range than heavier riders with more cargo.
    Temperature: Storing, charging, and riding in temperatures close to the median of the recommended temperature range improves range. Riding in colder temperatures reduces range significantly.
    Battery Condition: Correct charging method and maintaining can extend the battery’s lifespan to provide longer range. Battery with poor condition will provide less range. 
    enSkate sets weight limits for two reasons:
    Rider safety
    To reduce the risk of damaging skateboard
    CAUTION: Exceeding the weight limit, especially in situations requiring more power when combined with other variables, will reduce the speed range of skateboard, or increase the risk of damaging skateboard.
    Variables that require more power include:
    Higher payloads (weight of rider and all cargo)
    Steeper slopes
    Bumpy or rough surface conditions
    Excessive starting, accelerating, and stopping
    Abrupt maneuvers
    The maximum payload (rider plus all cargo) is 265lbs (120kg). Exceeding the maximum weight limit increases the risk of damaging skateboard.
    Several factors affect the loads transmitted to the skateboard:
    Rider's riding skill
    Payload (weight of the rider and all cargo)
    Surface condition (obstacle height, etc.)
    NOTICE: Exceeding the weight limits, especially when riding on uneven terrain,
    could damage the skateboard or reduce the performance quality
    1. The network is not open
    2. Permission is not open
    3. Internal Bluetooth is not turned on
    4. The version of APP is incorrect
    1. Fail to match the board
    2. Remote control is in low power (when remote control is in low power protection, it can only brake but not accelerate)
    Once your order is received and payment confirmed, your order will be shipped via the method chosen during checkout. Most in stock orders ship within 2 business days however, processing time may increase during heavy traffic times such as holidays. 
    Pre-Order reservations will ship based on the estimation given at the time of purchase. Pre-Order reservation ship times are estimations and are subject to unforeseen delays.  You are able to cancel your Pre-Order reservation and receive a full refund at any time prior to shipping.

    Our manufacturer offers a warranty for a period of 6 months from the date of receipt.  


    When an owner of an in-warranty board requires a fix, there are two ways to approach:


    Email enSkate Support HQ ( with a description of the issue and follow enSkate's online troubleshooting guides to diagnose it. With the help of these resources you will be directed to the needed parts. During the warranty period the parts will be provided at no cost. enSkate will cover shipping costs unless the item must be shipped Internationally.


    If the customer is unwilling or unable to complete “at-home" fix described above, they can ship the board back into enSkate HQ. The parts will be provided at no cost but round trip shipping fees will be paid for by the customer. Maintenance work may require a fee as well.

If the above answer does not solve your problem, please contact us:

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